Thursday, December 07, 2006

Super Gamer & Ipod Chair

Pyramat S2500w

The Pyramat Wireless Sound Rocker is the perfectchair for those gamers needing a little more intimacy from their videogames, movies, and music. The sound rocker chairs feature speakers thathelp fully immerse you into your favorite media. With booming bass andclear sound, you will hear every footstep, and feel every explosion,punch or gunshot.

The S2500w (pictured) utilizes a FM wireless transmitter to beamsound wirelessly up to 20 feet. A 5.5 inch subwoofer in the back of therocker puts out 30w of bass that sends vibrations right through you.The chair also includes two full range ARX high performance speakers tocreate a personal surround sound effect.

The ARX hi-fi performance sound system works with all your portabledevices including iPODs, MP3 players, PSP and Nintendo DS. The soundrocker can work with more than just games though; try it out with yourfavorite movies and music or connect your iPod or MP3 player

The Pyramat Wireless Sound Rocker chairs come in four configurations and are available now ranging from $49 to $199.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

More RAM for your PSP?

PSP to change its 8mega bits RAM?

PSP to change?, UK - 5 hours ago
Those working on games for the PSP have so far had to use PC emulation software; as final developments kits don't seem to be available as yet - leading the way ...

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PSP Head ... YOu Are Fired!

Head Of Sony Playstation removed due to backlash in PS3 debacle in delivery and sales..

SCIA to Ken Kutaragi: You're Fired!,?Hungary?- 8 hours ago
... hand has sold more than 200 million PS1s and PS2s put together.The PSP isn't ... Also SCE is mainly a hardware maker, it hasn't got that many notable games in it's ...

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PSP Super Exclusive Cases

Want A 500 bucks PSP cases....
Finally, New Extremely Expensive PSP Cases!,?NY?- 13 hours ago
... was unfair), but you'll never be wanting for something to put your PSP in ... pretty and functional, with tons of storage space for your AC adapter, games, and more ...

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 50 Games Of The Season

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Game Guide: The 50 hottest games of the season
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - 9 hours ago
... for PlayStation 2; X360 for Xbox 360; X for Xbox; PC for Personal Computer; PSP for PlayStation ... We rate games from one star (the lowest) to four stars (perfect ...

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PS3 Totally Sold Out...
PS3 sold out, PS2 and PSP patch 14 hours ago
... Luckily for Sony, they have a pretty strong lineup with PS2 and PSP, the first ... Sony also set a limit of 500MB for the downloadable PS3 games, according to Sony ...

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Nokia Jockeying For PSP's Market?

Nokia to take on the PSP and Nintendo DS - Esato

Nokia to take on the PSP and Nintendo DS
Esato,?Norway?- 1 hour ago
... of games for UK and Ireland Martin O’Driscoll says that that "games consumers will be forced to make a choice between its mobiles, Sony’s PSP and Nintendo ...

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PS3-Promise or Bust?

PS3 Packs Promise, Lacks Punch - Wired News

PS3 Packs Promise, Lacks Punch
Wired News - 12 minutes ago
... Eventually, Sony says, you'll be able to download emulated versions of classic PlayStation games and copy them wirelessly to the portable PSP. ...

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Monday, November 27, 2006

PS 1 Emulator released..

Homebrew PSX emulator released for PSP - engadget

Homebrew PSX emulator released for PSP
engadget, CA - 6 hours ago
... Well today there was a new PS1 emulator released for the PSP that will apparently play most games, but like previous attempts, there are still are some bugs ...
PSP homebrewer creates indie game encryption system engadget
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Are you ready for the new web world 2.0?

Brave new world of Web 2.0 - This is Money

This is Money
Brave new world of Web 2.0
This is Money, UK - 2 hours ago
... Today, there are 3m iPod owners and most of them buy music from the iTunes ... copper cables of the phone network to supply us with ondemand music, movies and much ...

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

PS3 Hacking......

PS3 Hacking Has Begun -
PS3 Hacking Has Begun,?NY?- 12 hours ago
... out that this is exactly how the PSP backup scene got started, and that the PS3 file structure closely resembles the one used in PlayStation Portable games. ...
US PSP PSX Titles Priced
Rainbow Six Vegas Delayed For PSP, PS3
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PS1 Games Prices .. And Its Shortfall

Sony announces prices for downloadable PS1 games - engadget

Sony announces prices for downloadable PS1 games
engadget,?CA?- 11 hours ago
... The biggest sticking point for many PSP users, however, is that, as previously reported, you can't just download the games directly to your PSP -- instead, you ...
PSP Firmware Update 3.0
PSP firmware 3.0 out in the wild engadget
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How To Hack Your PSP-Part 1

Hi all

How are you doing today?

I hope you are totally enjoying your games and movies in your PSP

For today's segment, I have found a great free video on how to
hack your PSP .

Look out for future instalments of these videos series in my bl;og in the
next few days..

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